Why Us

I urgently needed advice about a difficult situation with my tax affairs. The Hughes Consultancy reassured me: We can sort out the issues, I was told, put past errors behind you and look forward not back.

The Hughes Consultancy works for its clients, we never judge, and always offer sound advice within the law. From high-net-worth individuals, complex businesses, taxpayers in arrears, under investigation, wanting to set up, wind down, or those wishing to start up a new business, we have been presented with most situations.

We appreciate that tax and financial planning is complex, but you can put your full confidence in our expertise. We have successfully assisted people in potentially disastrous situations as well as enhanced successful previously self-administered organisations.

Chartered Accountants in Richmond, Surrey, The Hughes Consultancy provides a wide range of business, tax, financial planning and business growth services. All of our clients benefit from competitive pricing, our expertise, and unlimited support. Contact us today to learn how we can support you.